Welcome to Ms. Underhood!

Life is filled with full circle moments, nothing makes me prouder than this moment as I officially launch

As a Detroit native and former factory girl, I have had a very unique relationship with the auto industry. From my early days watching informal car shows on Belle Isle, to my first hand view from the factory floor, to my current adventures writing and riding in the latest and greatest vehicles as an automotive journalist. It has truly been an exciting ride!

The concept of Ms.Underhood was inspired by my years in the auto industry but most importantly to share the voices of female influencers inside and on the automotive industry. Don't worry guys, this isn't a "sheman man haters club", you are invited along for the ride just know that you got a lady in the driver's seat!

On, you can expect car reviews written by real life moms, college grads and new drivers in our "Car Review". Get safety tips and most importantly lessons on mechanics of vehicles in our "Auto 101" posts. I will take you on the road with me on "One Tank Trips" as well as "Girl let's Getaway!" adventures. We will also highlight events, people and places that make the car culture so cool. So buckle up, get ready for the ride!


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